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Strategies in Personal Finance: Basic Investment Principles for Today and Tomorrow (paperback)

Strategies in Personal Finance: Basic Investment Principles for Today and Tomorrow (paperback) Product code: 28-32


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Every family should have financial goals for the future. Being unprepared can lead to monetary chaos. What investment returns are necessary to achieve explicit family goals? How are returns logically related to risks for investment opportunities that are considered? Can different families have different tolerances for experiencing investment risk? Why is asset allocation the key investment decision for most families? What are the characteristics and valuations of bonds, stocks, mutual funds, real estate and international securities that a family might consider? How should a family construct, monitor, and revise a portfolio of investments over time? How should careful family estate planning be done to delay or avoid taxes on property passed to children, grandchildren, and favorite charities? And how can some of the concepts and techniques from "modern portfolio theory" be helpful to a family as it attempts to answer these question age their financial resources during their accumulation and retirement years? The book deals with financial strategies for three adult age categories -- (1) Families with adults ages twenty to forty in the earlier years of active employment, child raising, and the beginning of saving for retirement; (2) families with adults ages forty to sixty in their years of maximum income, high educational expenses for their children, and more serious thinking about forthcoming retirement; and (3) families with adults ages sixty to eighty, having retired or approaching full retirement.




Jane Smith, Keith Smith

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