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Entomology Exhibit Cards: All Grades

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Entomology Exhibit Cards: All Grades (4-H-763)

This envelope contains the following materials to help you put together your insect collection:

  • 12 mounting cards (ID-401A) -- for Grade 3 collections (You will only use 10 cards.)
  • 1 Proper Pin Placement card (ID-401B) -- for Grade 4 collections
  • 1 Insect Anatomy card (ID-401C) -- for Grade 5 collections
  • 1 Metamorphosis card (ID-401D) -- for Grade 6 collections
  • 1 Mouthparts card (ID-401E) -- for Grade 7 collections
  • 1 Leg and Wing card (ID-401F) -- for Grade 8 collections
  • 3 Identification cards (ID-401G) -- each identification card has 44 collector information tags and 44 common name tags. ID cards are used in collections for Grade 4 and above.
  • 4 order cards (ID-401H) -- Each order card lists 24 insect orders, with two Coleoptera, three Lepidoptera, and two Odonata cards. Order cards are used for Grade 4 and above.
  • 9 collection box ID cards (ID-401I) – for Grade 9 and above.

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Website: www.four-h.purdue.edu/ (In the drop-down menu, choose "Projects," then choose "Entomology" in the project list. This website contains information about:

  • Manuals
  • Forms
  • Publications
  • Score cards
  • Record sheets
  • Exhibit Requirements
  • Poster Exhibit Tips
  • Website, which includes:
    • Exhibit pictures from the Indiana State Fair
    • Questions and Answers (Frequently asked questions)
    • Additional resources
    • Plans for making an entomology display box or spreading boardInformation about the 4-H/FFA Entomology Career Development EventLink to online flash cards to help learn how to identify insects




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