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Junior Master Gardener Health and Nutrition from the Garden

Junior Master Gardener Health and Nutrition from the Garden Product code: 4-H-B-6084


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The Junior Master Gardener materials engage children in learning experiences that promote a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment, and cultivate the mind. Kids and parents alike can enjoy JMG activities at home, after school, in a home-school group, or with any group of kids fascinated by gardening. The newest Junior Master Gardener curriculum is "Health and Nutrition from the Garden" (item number 4-H-B-6084, $29.00), which teaches young gardeners that eating nutritious food--and growing it--can be fun and enjoyable. The 230-page book contains a variety of activities such as growing bean tepees, making peanut butter, or baking "strip chips" or sweet potato chips. The original "Junior Master Gardener Student Manual" (item number 4-H-B-6082, $16.50) is eight chapters in 192 pages that covers plant growth and development, soil and water, and ecology and the environment. It also discusses beneficial and harmful insects, plant diseases, landscaping, and fruits.




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