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Agribusiness Management Simulation

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The Purdue Agribusiness Management Simulation, designed to be used in agribusiness management courses, lets students run a virtual feed and fertilizer store in order to learn about inventory, pricing, human resources, and financing. PLEASE NOTE: Purchase of this simulation does NOT include an end user license agreement.

Learning objectives include:

  • Conduct break-even analysis and recognize that while certain products in a product mix may be losing money, the loss is masked by other products' gains.
  • Develop pro forma financial statements and conduct financial statement analysis.
  • Be able to explain the difference between cash balance (cash flow) and profitability.
  • Forecast sales and recognize the importance of seasonality in agribusiness firms.
  • Recognize the impact of competitor decisions on results from your firm.
  • Assess and analyze your performance as a manager or a team member.

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This agribusiness simulation is for use on Windows machines. You may install this software on a Mac by using a partitioning software like Bootcamp.

Included in the simulation:

  • Simulation Manual (including attachments: Decision Form, Operating Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Market Share Report, Record of Decisions, Record of Estimated and Realized Financial Results, Cash Flow Worksheet, Volume-Cost Analysis)
  • Instructor guide
  • Profitability linkage spreadsheet files (for optional use)
  • Sample game results presentation (add your own data)
  • Simulation Installer File (for installation on instructor's computer)

This simulation has two parts. The simulation itself resides on the instructor's computer. The data is input and run, then the results are printed and shared with the students.

The data entry program is optional. This is the portion that would be installed on student computers and makes it possible to email the various decision data to the instructor so that it does not have to be entered by hand.

Format: .ZIP file

Language: English

Platform: Windows machines (This simulation may be installed on a Mac by using a partitioning software like Bootcamp.)

Number of Student Installations: Unlimited

Number of Instructor Installations: Unlimited




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