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Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide, second edition

Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide, second edition Product code: ID-433


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This is the second edition of the popular pocket-size in-field reference that helps readers effectively select, grow and use cover crops in their farming systems. It was written by members of the Midwest Cover Crops Council. Topics include choosing cover crops, fitting cover crops into your system, and positive and negative effects of cover crops.

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Format: Pocket guide.

Pages: 166.

Language: English.

Target Audience: Cover crops growers and those who support them.




Eileen Kladivko; John L. Obermeyer, Alan P Sundermeier, Albert Tenuta, Andrew W Lenssen, Anne Verhallen, Barry K Fisher, Christian H Krupke, Christine M Brown, Christy Sprague, Corey K. Gerber, Curtis E Young, Dale R Mutch, Dan Towery, Dan C Brainard, Darren E Robinson, David A Robison, David E Clay, Dean G Baas, DeAnn R Presley, Erin C Taylor, Gary W Lesoing, George W Bird, James J Hoorman, Karen A Renner, Keith D. Johnson, Ken A Albrecht, Kevin W Bradley, Kristen A Callow, Laura L Van Eerd, M Scott Wells, Marisol T Berti, Mary Hausbeck, Mathieu Ngouajio, Matt D Ruark, Michael D Plumer, Michael J Celetti, Peter J Tomlinson, Rafiq Islam, Randall C Reeder, Richard Hoorman, Ron G Goldy, Sarah J Noggle, Tim M Harrigan, Tom C Kaspar, Victoria J Ackroyd

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