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Midwest Cover Crops Field Scout App (Android)

Midwest Cover Crops Field Scout App (Android) Product code: ID-433-APP-A


$2.99/ Each

$2.99 from app vendor


This app is a convenient, handy resource based on the Midwest Cover Crop Field Guide. The app will help you effectively select, grow, and use cover crops in your farming systems. This app is free to download from the App Store, but requires an annual subscription to unlock all the content - available as an in-app purchase. A subscription to the full version of the app costs $2.99 a year. When you subscribe, you will be asked to create an account with Google Firebase, which will manage your subscription. Learn more about the app.

Also available for iOS devices.

Format: iOS app for iPhone

Language: English




Eileen Kladivko; Alan P Sundermeier, Albert Tenuta, Andrew W Lenssen, Anna Morrow, Anne Verhallen, Barry K Fisher, Braden Carpenter, Charles Ellis, Christian H Krupke, Christine M Brown, Christy Sprague, Corey K. Gerber, Curtis E Young, Dale R Mutch, Dan Towery, Dan C Brainard, Darren E Robinson, David A Robison, David E Clay, Dean G Baas, DeAnn R Presley, Erin Hill, Gary W Lesoing, George W Bird, James J Hoorman, John L. Obermeyer, Karen A Renner, Keith D. Johnson, Ken A Albrecht, Kevin W Bradley, Kristen A Callow, Laura L Van Eerd, M Scott Wells, Marisol T Berti, Mary Hausbeck, Mathieu Ngouajio, Matt D Ruark, Michael D Plumer, Michael J Celetti, Nathan Johanning, Peter J Tomlinson, Rafiq Islam, Randall C Reeder, Richard Hoorman, Ron G Goldy, Sarah J Noggle, Shalamar D Armstrong, Tim M Harrigan, Tom C Kaspar, Victoria J Ackroyd

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