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Big River

Big River

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This is the third in a set of three interactive modules—along with "Biodiversity Around the Great Lakes" (CD-EPA-20) and "Habitat Management and Monitoring" (CD-EPA-21)—developed by U.S. EPA and Purdue University to inform and instruct students and the public about the workings of natural ecosystems, focusing on the upper Midwest and Great Lakes. Developed for high school and advanced junior high school level students, "Big River" offers a multimedia exploration of the Mississippi River and its environs. Starting in the forests of Lake Itaska in Minnesota, "Big River" tells the story of the 500 miles of the upper Mississippi until it joins the Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois. Because the river is comprised of not only water in motion, but also its geology, biology, and anthropology, the program offers the user an opportunity to explore these many aspects of their river, and more, with occasional insertions of "River Music" and elaborative videos.




Don Jones