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Sharing Dreams and Goals: Creating an Emotional Connection (Relationships series)

Sharing Dreams and Goals: Creating an Emotional Connection (Relationships series) Product code: HHS-747-W


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This is one of six Purdue Extension fact sheets about couple relationships that list strategies and activities for enhancing a relationship. Remember a time early in your relationship when it felt like you and your partner were on a shared journey? You may have started out with shared goals and a clear sense of direction for your relationship and future together. But over time, relationships can start to feel like a ship with two co-pilots who have very different ideas of which direction to head in. How do you regain that sense of connection and of shared dreams and goals? How do you regain the sense of shared values for the future of your relationship? Talking with your partner about the dreams, goals, and values you have for your life and relationship can help strengthen the emotional connection. This fact sheet will help you clarify for yourself how you feel and what your thoughts are.


Last Review Date - 9/1/2015


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