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Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses (paperback)

Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses (paperback)

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Would you like to be a veterinarian? Veterinarians are scientists who are doctors for animals. In this 61-page activity book geared toward sixth-graders, you get to be part of the veterinary team by using science to solve cases, learning about careers in veterinary medicine, and seeing how advances in animal health can help people too. In working through the book, you study three ailing animals and diagnose their problems--and problems of their owners. Throughout the book you "meet" scientists who are working with you on each case. Be the VET! Solve the Case!

Published by Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine with the support of a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) from National Institutes of Health.

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Jessica Schneider, Henry Green III, Kauline Cipriani Davis, Thad Blossom