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Who Let The Bugs Out? (iOS App)

Who Let The Bugs Out? (iOS App)

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This app helps entomology students recognize and identify the most common insect pests of homes, forests, gardens, health, and agriculture. It contains 150 high-resolution, photographs of the adult and the immature stages, as well the damage symptoms that result. Use this app to hone insect identification skills or prepare students for insect judging competitions. It's made for educators, Master Gardeners, extension personnel, insect pest managers, or anyone seeking to identify common insect pests or the damage they cause. For technical support, or if you have questions about this app, contact

Format: iOS app for iPhone, iPad and other Apple products

Language: English

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This item is available as a single printed item.

This item is available as a single printed item.

Buy a printed copy of Who Let The Bugs Out? and How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection together and save 10 percent.




Timothy J. Gibb