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4-H Electric I: Getting on Track with Electricity (EPUB version)

4-H Electric I: Getting on Track with Electricity (EPUB version)

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This is the epub version of 4-H-421, 4-H Electric I: Getting on Track with Electricity, which is designed for use on cell phones and tablets. This project discusses what electricity is, how to control it with circuits, how to use it safety, and how it is related to magnets and magnetism.

Suggested epub readers by operating system.

  • For iPad and iOS, use iBooks.
  • For Android tablet and phone, use OverDrive Media Console.
  • For Windows 8 tablet, use Book Bazaar.
  • For Kindle, use Kindle.


  • This epub has not been tested on a Nook or a Windows 8 iPhone. If you have either of these devices please download Windows 8 ePub version.
  • There is no standard for epub readers. Consequently different epub readers may display the content differently. The epub readers listed above (all free downloads) have been tested and found to appropriately render the epub file.

For more information about Purdue Extension epubs, read our ePub/eBook FAQs.




Karen Tormoehlen