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Entomology: Facilitators guide

Entomology: Facilitators guide

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Welcome to the 4-H Entomology project! The Teaming with Insects curriculum is written for youth who enjoy learning about science and nature by studying insects. As a project facilitator you will work with youth interested in learning about insects. The Facilitator's Guide provides helpful information on exploring insect study, the contribution of insects to biodiversity, how to manage pests, invasive species, and forensic entomology.

Your main role is provide a safe, supportive environment for youth to practice important life skills as they explore the world of entomology through many exciting, insect related activities. You can help youth get the most out of this project by being enthusiastic about their efforts and asking thoughtful questions. Team up with youth to help them select goals, identify resources, gain confidence, and evaluate their own progress. The activities are designed so youth have an opportunity to "learn by doing" with your help and guidance.




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