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Down-to-Earth: Gardening in the Classroom

Down-to-Earth: Gardening in the Classroom

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Developed by North Carolina A & T University, this award winning activity guide is an excellent resource for school enrichment programs. Inside, outside, makes no difference where you are, this is a curriculum that will grow on you. Down-To-Earth helps you the teacher, the project leader, or the youth educator, to use gardening as a means to explore plant growth and development. Through this hands-on, minds-on program, youth get the basics of botany, the gist of gardening, the essentials of ecology and much more. Youth will use gardening to stimulate their senses and cultivate science process and life skills. By gathering data via the scientific method, youth feel a sense of pride and responsibility. Grades 4-6. (88 pages)




National 4-H Curriculum