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4-H Weather and Climate Science, Level 3 (PDF)

4-H Weather and Climate Science, Level 3 (PDF) Product code: 4-H-1025-W


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The 4-H Weather and Climate Science curriculum is for youth who enjoy learning about science, especially weather and climate. Level 3 activities are divided into two major sections: weather and climate. Level 3 delves deeper into weather and climate science concepts to prepare youth to be well informed and to study these topics at a college or university.

You will download a ZIP file and open that on your computer. Open the main file, then use the "Contents" list to navigate. Or, open the separate "Contents.pdf" file and navigate from that. There is a separate "Activities" folder that includes an individual PDF file for each activity. For those who want to print a copy of the manual, we've included a complete, printable PDF.

Note to User: These files are for the use of the person who downloads them. You can make copies for your personal use on an unlimited number of devices. You may not give the file to other people or put the files on servers where others can read or access this content. You may not edit the files, but you may view or print them for personal use as you see fit.

View this video to hear author Natalie Carroll desrcibe how to use this curriculum.

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Natalie Carroll; Gretchen Leuenberger, Ted Leuenberger

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