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Original KidsEcon Posters and Personal Finance Posters (33 posters)

Original KidsEcon Posters and Personal Finance Posters (33 posters)

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$31.00/ Each


Order both sets, the KidsEcon Posters and the Personal Finance Posters. Each colorful, professional-quality poster is 12.5 x 18 inches and will liven up any classroom.

The KidsEcon Posters are found in most state standards and cover these concepts: Goods and Services, Economic Wants, Productive Resources, Human Resources, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Producers, Consumers, Trade, Money, Specialization, Interdependence, Trade-Offs, Productivity, Market, Price, Supply and Demand, Entrepreneur, Profit, Saving, and Investing.

The Personal Finance Posters cover these important concepts: Income, Taxes, Budget, Banks and Credit Unions, Savings Account, Checking Account, Debt, Credit Card, Debit Card, Real Estate, and Stock.

A Teacher Guide accompanies each set and is available at

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Indiana Council for Economic Education