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Forage Field Guide, third edition (25/box)

Forage Field Guide, third edition (25/box)

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$202.50/ Each


This is a box of 25 copies of our popular in-field reference. The completely revised third edition of this guide contains more than 300 pages of information for forage and livestock producers and the agricultural industries that serve them. We've updated selection information, nutrient management, pest management and more. We also added new and better photos throughout the guide.

Format: Pocket Guide.

Pages: 320.

Language: English.

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Keith D. Johnson; Bill Johnson, Christian H Krupke, Corey K. Gerber, Dennis Buckmaster, James J. Camberato, John L. Obermeyer, Kiersten Wise, Larry W. Bledsoe, Mark Russell, Mike Neary, Ron Lemenager, Tamilee Nennich, Travis Legleiter