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Advanced Phenomics Curriculum for Crop Research Professionals (Recorded Workshop)

Advanced Phenomics Curriculum for Crop Research Professionals (Recorded Workshop) Product code: AY-365-WV


$250.00/ ea.


This recorded, online set of crop phenomics modules is one of few educational opportunities available to professionals and students in this emerging field. From this, you will receive foundational information to develop skills in working together using the latest technology to collect critical data. Crop phenomics merges science and engineering into an intensely data-driven approach in agriculture that is a fast-growing area of resource investment. The workshop, created by a team of Purdue faculty in plant sciences, was originally presented in March 2017.

Topics covered include:

  • Prediction and Exploration of Agronomic Performance Using Integrated Data Sets
  • Effective Ground Truthing
  • Phenomics for Crop Improvement
  • Implementation of UAS Experiments
  • Image Analysis
  • Advanced Phenomic Analytical Techniques (i.e., reducing dimensionality, spatial statistics)

Format: streaming video

Language: English

Target Audience: Professional plant scientists, engineers and students (particularly suited to crop research professionals involved in predicting yield and characterizing biotic and abiotic stress as well as engineers involved in developing and using proximal remote sensors and sensor platforms for application)



Katy M Rainey; Bruce Erickson, Chad Martin

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