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2015 Corn & Soybean Field Guide

2015 Corn & Soybean Field Guide

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This pocket-size, in-field reference provides detailed and descriptive information for corn and soybean producers. Topics include identifying and managing insect, disease, and weeds; diagnosing herbicide injuries; soil fertility; making planting decisions; and understanding crop growth.

Format: Pocket guide.

Pages: 314.

Language: English.

Target Audience: Corn and soybean growers and those who support them.

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Corey K. Gerber; Bob Nielsen, Brad C Joern, Christian H Krupke, Gail Ruhl, Jamal Faghihi,, James J. Camberato, John L. Obermeyer, Judy Loven, Kiersten Wise, Shaun N. Casteel, Sylvie Brouder, Tom Creswell, Travis Legleiter, William G. Johnson