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Our growing list of apps coves topics from food safety to plant disease and identification. Take a look at what we've got, stop back later to see what we've added.

The Cooperative Extension Service: History

If you're looking for the history of Extension in Indiana, you'll find four great books below from the Purdue University Press. Check out other Press books on agricultural history, gardening, entrepreneurship, plant identification, and more in our Purdue University Press section.

Drought-Related Publications in The Education Store

Drought in the Midwest is stressing people, crops, and gardens. Below is a collection of publications in the Store that may help you cope. For more information on the effects of the drought on Indiana crops, check out the IN Drought page for Purdue Extension where you'll find the Indiana Drought Monitor, videos, and more.

Here's a video featuring Jane Frankenberger (author of Drinking Water Quality Reports: Your Right to Know and Water Conservation in the Home).

Critical Issues in Agriculture Webinars

Join faculty experts Allan Gray, Mike Boehlje and Scott Downey as they address critical issues in agriculture: where the industry is headed, what large growers want and need and how to best communicate value to your customer. These sessions, recorded at the National Conference for Agribusiness, showcase Purdue faculty's insight on today's most crucial ag issues. Buy all three videos for a discounted price. The three video webinars are:


These items help markets, grocers, on-farm retailers, and Purdue Extension educators spread the word about Purdue Extension FoodLink to customers.

These items are available only to Indiana farmers markets, grocers, or on-farm retailers that have enrolled in the FoodLink program.

All of these printed items are free, but you will pay actual shipping costs. To order, you must call the Education Store at 765-494-6794.

You can skip the shipping charges and have us ship your order to your local Purdue Extension county office where you can pick them up. For this option, you must contact your Purdue Extension county office to order the materials for you

Shipments to counties are made once a month, usually by the 15th. You can contact the office after that date, and confirm your materials have been received, and arrange pick up.

Many of these items are also available as PDFs you can download and print from your own printer.

Give a Gift from Purdue!

Browse our store and you'll find books on everything from helping you prepare for retirement to losing weight by walking your pet – and a cookbook that gives you healthy recipes for the new year. We'll be surprised if you don't find something that you like.

Happy holidays from all of us at The Education Store!

KidsEcon Posters and Herschel's World of Economics materials

Introduce your students to basic economics concepts with the KidsEcon Posters and Herschel's World products below--and have fun while you do!

Pesticide Training Manuals

Pesticide training manuals help individuals study for Pesticide Applicator Training offered through Purdue Pesticide Programs. Several of the training programs are geared toward those who have studied the manuals in advance. For more information, check the description of the specific workshop or training program that interests you.

Purdue University Press

Books hot off the press! <>The Purdue University Press, part of Purdue Libraries, produces scholarly and professional information in business, technology, health, veterinary sciences, and other selected disciplines in the humanities and sciences. The Education Store offers Press books that we think you'll enjoy. Browse the list below, and we think you'll find a title to take home.

For more information and more titles, check out the Purdue University Press

Rural Indiana Issues

We know Indiana is changing, but how well are the most rural counties in the state doing relative to their more urban counterparts? Are there issues specific to rural counties that create new opportunities for the future or barriers that inhibit progress?

The Rural Indiana Issues series reports on how well rural Indiana has fared over the last decade and identifies issues important to consider as communities move forward. The series features topics of interest to all residents in Indiana, but especially to rural decision makers.


We offer MyPlate materials for your classroom that come direct from USDA and Purdue. Most items come in bulk packages to keep price-per-item low. Use these to teach your students how to eat right. Our two newest products include a Purdue video and a presenter's package

NEW! Presenter Packages

Each one has all the materials for great presentations, plus handouts for 100 participants. See below for more information.

Eat Clean Presenter's Package ID-460-P $189.00.

What's on MyPlate? Presenter's Package HHS-781-P $121.00.

Eat Smart with MyPlate Presenter's Package ID-459-P $83.00.

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