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These items help markets, grocers, on-farm retailers, and Purdue Extension educators spread the word about Purdue Extension FoodLink to customers.

These items are available only to Indiana farmers markets, grocers, or on-farm retailers that have enrolled in the FoodLink program.

All of these printed items are free, but you will pay actual shipping costs. To order, you must call the Education Store at 765-494-6794.

You can skip the shipping charges and have us ship your order to your local Purdue Extension county office where you can pick them up. For this option, you must contact your Purdue Extension county office to order the materials for you

Shipments to counties are made once a month, usually by the 15th. You can contact the office after that date, and confirm your materials have been received, and arrange pick up.

Many of these items are also available as PDFs you can download and print from your own printer.

alternate text here Product Code: 8-295
This is a promotional card to hand out to potential consumers to encourage them to use the FoodLink website.

The cost of this item is to cover shipping fees. These are free to order otherwise....

alternate text here Product Code: 8-293
This is a set of 10 promotional posters that vendors can hang up in their businesses or stalls. The signs tell customers the vendor participates in the Purdue Extension FoodLink program and how the program works. Format: 8.5 x 11-inch posters. Language: English. ...
alternate text here Product Code: 8-294
These are point-of-sale (POS) signs that have QR codes for various produce. Consumers can scan the codes, which will then take them to the FoodLink website....
alternate text here Product Code: 8-297
These are sitckers that will be placed on boxes for retailers and vendors that will hold FoodLink program materials....

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