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KidsEcon Posters and Herschel's World of Economics materials

Introduce your students to basic economics concepts with the KidsEcon Posters and Herschel's World products below--and have fun while you do!

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The Personal Finance Posters are just what is needed to teach critical personal finance skills to our young people-or anyone! Each colorful, professional-quality poster is 12.5 x 18 inches and will liven up any classroom. The 11 posters cover these concepts: Income, Taxes, Budget, Banks and Credit Unions, Savings Ac...

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Teachers and students in lower elementary grades will love our Half-Pint Economics curriculum publication. This curriculum has 20 lessons covering 11 KEP concepts as well as 7 other concepts focusing on helping kids manage money. Sections include an Econ Book Report, Journal Writing, Half-Pint Vocabulary, Half-Pint ...

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The KidsEcon Poster set has 22 colorful, professional quality posters that are 12.5 X 18 inches. The set includes: Goods and Services, Economic Wants, Productive Resources, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Producers, Consumers and Trade & Money, Specialization, Inte...

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Reinforce poster concepts using the KidsEcon Posters Bingo Game. Each Bingo Game comes with teacher instructions, 23 colorful poster concept cards, 30 student Bingo cards, 800 markers, and one blank student card that the teacher can use to modify the game.

Check out all of our

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This poster represents six powerful ideas that explain the economic behavior of people. You and your students will discover new insights as you apply these principles to the choices people make in the study of: Civics, Economics, Geography, Government, History, and Psychology. Whatever your discipline or grade level...

alternate text here Product Code: KEP-108

If you are looking for an effective and motivating way to reinforce the 22 KidsEcon Posters economic concepts, then the KidsEcon Posters Activity Cards are for you! Each deck consists of 88 sturdy economic concept cards (four cards for each concept) and six special "wild cards" (four Econ Ed cards and two Econ Edna ...

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Pint-Size Economics is the perfect curriculum for teaching your elementary students about basic economics, saving and investing, and being a wise consumer. Many of these concepts are now addressed in most state Standards. Pint-Size has 24 separate lessons, each focusing on a specific concept.

Each lesson is fou...

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This colorful 18" x 24" two-poster set shows students how interest—with regular saving and investing—can help them earn a sizable amount of money for retirement. The posters also show how excessive, high-interest debt, such as credit card debt, can be a huge financial burden.

A very practical ...

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These poster's are just what a teacher needs to help students become better savers and investors. The five large colorful posters illustrate fundamental principles of sound money management. This set includes: Basic Principles of Economics, The Power of Compound Interest, Financial Planning Pyramid, Steps to Save an...

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Your students will love seeing you use this new 12" hand puppet of Herschel to reinforce the lessons in both of the Herschel's World of Economics DVDs! Students can even use the puppet themselves to teach one another...

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Herschel Goes into Business - A New Herschel's World of Economics DVD!

In this new DVD, Herschel the dog puppet - with lots of help from Dr. Day - learns about the challenges of running his own doggie treat business. In the process he learns about important economic concepts found in state and national standa...

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