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Crop Management: Cover Crop Do's and Don't's

Crop Management:  Cover Crop Do's and Don't's

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This item is intended only for extension offices or businesses who want to hand out copies at meetings. When it comes to cover crops, there are a lot of facts myths about weed, insect, and disease management. This publication provides basic information about using cover crops in your cropping system. The publication was created by the Crop Protection Network, which includes authors from land-grant universities across the North Central Region and Ontario.

Format: PDF

Pages: 4.

Language: English.

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Bill Johnson; Adam Sisson, Albert Tenuta, Alison Robertson, Anna Freije, Anne Dorrance, Bob Hartzler, Christian H Krupke, Damon Smith, Daren Mueller, Doug Jardine, Kiersten Wise, Loren Giesler, Mark M. Loux, Marty Chilvers, Mike Owen, Shawn Conley, Stevan Knezevic, Travis Legleiter