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Using Backpack Mist Blowers to Control Adult Mosquitoes

Using Backpack Mist Blowers to Control Adult Mosquitoes Product code: PPP-149


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When the weather is right, people want to use their outdoor properties to gather with family and friends, to allow children to play, to barbecue, or to sit out in the evening for star gazing or watching the July 4th fireworks. Nobody wants to be bothered by mosquitoes buzzing around their faces, to slap mosquitoes away, or suffer from itchy bites. This means that there are customers who are willing to hire professional companies to reduce the nuisance of biting mosquitoes.

The problem professional applicators face is that mosquitoes reproduce rapidly and can have dozens of generations between their time of emergence in May to the first killing freeze in the fall. The continued reproduction and emergence of adults means suppression is a difficult and ongoing process over the course of the mosquito season.

There are customers who prefer to use their outdoor spaces to the fullest extent possible, without the annoyance of biting mosquitoes. There are also neighbors living next to these customers who want nothing to do with your mosquito control application. It is the collision of two different worlds. And the question is: Can these two different worlds coexist side-by-side? The answer can be yes if you follow the application techniques and suggestions in this publication.




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