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Lumber from Hardwood Trees

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After 30 years of extensive research, Purdue's Forestry and Natural Resources Professor Dan Cassens has released a new CD Lumber from Hardwood Trees. It is a fact-filled resource of field research and information that thousands of people have shared with Dan over the years.

It covers all the "hard to find" facts about hardwood lumber. Once you use this great resource, you will understand the unique characteristics of our nation's 35 most attractive hardwoods, as well enjoy the dramatic photography of large wood panels (about four feet square) for the most common species. These panels show the range of lumber characteristics from perfect, clear lumber to lower grades. Additional photography shows standing trees, character marks for selected species, and manufacturing equipment.

Featured Sections:

  • Understanding Lumber: Different characteristics, terms, definitions, and sawing techniques on all species
  • Decay Resistance: Properties of various species
  • Mechanical Properties: Different properties of various species
  • The Production Process: Hardwood lumber processing from start to finish
  • Purchasing and Selling: Who to contact when buying or selling hardwood lumber
  • Shrinkage/Expansion: Characteristics due to relative humidity
  • Steam Bending: Ability of different woods to bend
  • Wood Machining: Species responses to planing, shaping, turning, and boring
  • Extensive references about hardwood lumber

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