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Herschel's World - Complete Combo

Herschel's World - Complete Combo Product code: KEP-230-P


$45.00/ Each

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This is a terrific deal! You get both DVDs--the original Herschel DVD and the new Herschel Goes into Business DVD. You also get the 22 Original KidsEcon Posters and the new Herschel 12-inch hand puppet for follow up teaching activities. Students really like the puppet!

In the DVD, Herschel the dog puppet--with lots of help from Dr. Day--learns about the challenges of running his own doggie treat business. In the process, he learns about important economic concepts found in state and national standards.

  • DVD/Poster Combo: The new Herschel DVD with 22 Original KidsEcon Posters- Click here to order.
  • Double DVD and Poster Combo: Both DVDs (the new Herschel DVD and the original Herschel DVD), plus 22 Original KidsEcon Posters-
    Click here to order.
  • Super Combo: The new Herschel DVD, 22 Original KidsEcon Posters, plus the new Herschel 12" puppet-
    Click here to order.

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